Free Resources (온라인 무료 스터디 자료들)

This page is a work in progress.  To be compiled with more and more useful sites…

ESL learners can benefit from the phonetics site that I listed above.  It provides step-by-step guides on how to pronounce consonants according to manner, place, and voice as well as vowel sounds.  A great pronunciation resource guide!!!

A great introductory website that teaches beginners step by step A to Z with lots of fun audio/visual aids.

PBSKids is a useful website that holds a trough of treasure for kids.  It provides a plethora of fun stuff like video clips, games, music, stories, etc. 

PBS is a parent site for PBSKids where adult ESL learners can find lots of great shows that treat a variety of topics such as history, arts & entertainments, culture & society, health, food, technology, etc. (n.b., topics are arranged in no particular order)

This site requires membership.  It provides tons of good tips and know-hows on kids arts and crafts.  While entertaining kids with stories, crafts, and much more, you can also teach important concepts of  surroundings, relationships, days, collaboration, and so on.

This site provides a variety of media on interesting events in history.  Great site for ESL learners.


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