“burn the bridge” (절교하다/인연을 끊다)

cut and broken

The best example I can give you is a couple splitting up.  When man and woman in a relationship want to break up, sometimes they stay friends.  But most of the time, they tend to cut all ties between them and go separate ways. So they burn the bridge between them.  커플인 남녀가 헤어지면서, 모든 인연을 끈는 상황에 이표현을 쓰실수 있어요.

유용한 표현들:

  • break up: 헤어지다
  • split up: 헤어지다
  • stay friends: 친구로 남다
  • cut all ties: 인연을 끊다 (모든 연결고리를 끊는 거죠)
  • go separate ways: 각각 자기 길을 가다

Another example could be a case where two friends don’t want to see each other any longer and don’t want to do anything with each other; basically, leaving each other on bad terms by cutting all ties between them.   Those two friends involved in disputes tend to burn their bridge.  친구사이에 우정이 끊기고, 더 이상 교류가 없이 서로 남남처럼 대할때, 이 표현을 쓰시면 됩니다.

  • on bad terms: 나쁜관계로, 아주 불편한 관계로
  • disputes: 논쟁, 싸움

A bridge is used as a metaphor.  A bridge connects people.  Without it, it would be difficult to interact each other.   Hence, if you burn the bridge,  there’s no way you can build up a relationship back.  다리는 여기서 은유적인 표현입니다.  사람과 사람사이를 연결해주는 다리를 말하죠.  그 다리가 없으면, 다시, 인간관계를 성립하는 것이 힘들겠죠?

  • interact with: 서로 상호작용하다/ 교류하다
  • build up: 성립하다

Do you have any experiences when you had to burn a bridge with someone? 누군가와 인연을 끊은 경험이 있으신가요?


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