Word of the Week: “Hit”

Hit has many different meanings in a variety of situations.  Very versatile!

  • I hit the gym three times a week.

“hit the gym” means “work out” or “exercise”

  • I hit the library on a daily basis.

“hit the library” means “visit the library to use the library for check outs or check-ins of library items.”  Usually, hit a place means visit.

  • I am about to hit the road soon to join an important meet-up group.

“hit the road” means “drive to go somewhere.”

  • I am going to hit the hay early tonight because I had a long day.

“hit the hay” means “go to bed” and “have a long day” means “have a very boring, tiring, exhausting day.”

Once again, if you would like to share any other expressions with regard to “hit,” please don’t be shy to leave a comment or email me!  Thanks a bunch!


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