Idiom of the Week: “over my dead body”

Have you encountered a certain situation where you couldn’t absolutely negotiate or compromise your standard and ethic?  Have you been in such a predicament?  Yes, I have.  Compromising your work ethic or your moral integrity can degrade and humiliate your dignity.  It is an out-of-the-question situation.  You would say compromise or negotiation is impossible (out of the question).  Or over my dead body!!!

As I mentioned above, “over my dead body” means that you would never ever agree to something that is against what you believe.

If my 10 year-old child asks me to allow her to ride her bicycle on a highway, I would say, “over my dead body.”

If you are a vegan who sticks to a strictly veggie-based diet, you would say, “I will eat that bbq at Salt Lick over my dead body.”

Or if homeless folks asked me to give ’em (them) $1000.00 for help, I would say, “over my dead body.”  Well, folks, remember I am a poor post-graduate who’s recently out of school. :p



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