Idiom of the Week: “Turn Over a New Leaf” 새출발하다/나쁜습관을 버리다

Let’s kick old habits and turn over a new leaf this year!!!  새해에는 나쁜 습관을 버리고 새롭게 다시 시작합시다.

Wow, we are well into the beginning of the new year, 2011.  Time certainly flies, doesn’t it? Well, this year does not see anything out of the ordinary when it comes to new year resolutions.  I have so many; but to list several, here they are:  a) blog more consistently with meaty contents, b) work out more and eat less — as a result, lose a spare tire, c) read more and write and think in a critical, less muddled more analytical, way, d) be gainfully employed…oh, the foremost important one is to be more kind, gentle, and patient.  Whoa–there are way too many new leaves for me to turn.  What are yours?  Shedding old habits and turning over a new leaf sounds so simple, but it takes courage and persistence.  Can you turn over a new leaf this year?  People say old habits die hard.

**Don’t feel shy sharing your new year resolution.  If you are checking out this post, please leave a friendly comment and share how you will turn over a new leaf.


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