Cartoon of the Week: Peanuts :)

You are probably familiar with the adorable cartoon characters such as Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Woodstock, and Charlie’s friends.  “Peanuts” has been adored by a great number of fans throughout the world.  I would love to closely examine Schulz’s dialogue exhibited through his Peanuts characters.

Charlie: I hear you’re writing a book on theology.  신학에 관한 책을 쓰고 있다며..

Theology: the field of study and analysis that treats of god and the divine attributes, and the relations to the universe.

Charlie: I hope you have a good title.  책 이름을 잘 고르길 바래.

Snoopy: I have the perfect title.  완벽한 책 이름을 고안해 뒀어.

Snoopy typing: “Has It Ever Occurred To You That You Might Be Wrong?.”  “너의 생각이 틀릴수도 있다는 생각이 들어본적이 있니?”

LOL.  I can’t help but laugh out loud whenever I read the Peanuts cartoon.  It is so humorous even though the dialogue portrays a grim reality at times.  Don’t you just love the theology discussion between Charlie and his beloved dog, Snoopy?  It hits the nail on the head with such a pithy line.  Dead on!!!

* to hit the nail on the head means to be absolutely correct about something.


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